FDT / Eclipse Error : ‘overlaps the location of another project’

I’ve got this error a few times, and it’s really frustrating. When in FDT / Eclipse and you create a new FDT project in a new folder, you get ‘this location overlaps the location of another project’. When it clearly does not overlap the location of an existing project!

I found the answer on the Eclipse forums and thought i’d share.


What happens..

1. Create a New Project

2. Choose a directory inside the current workspace (in which there are more project dirs already) e.g. /xxx/workspace/my_new_project

3. Eclipse says project location overlaps with another project (NOT true, as other projects are in /xxx/workspace/otherproject, etc.)

What I did to workaround the problem:

1. Go to “%ECLIPSE_HOME%\configuration.settings” and delete the workspace listed at the key RECENT_WORKSPACES
2. Restart Eclipse, go to File>Switch Workspace>Other… and select your workspace dir again
3. Now I could create new projects as always

Hope this helps!

AS3 - Error when embedding assets in a pure as3 project

Today I stumbled across a weird error when embedding image assets into a class in a pure ActionScript 3 project using Flash Builder.

Using the following code:

[Embed (source=”../assets/video-preview-bg.png” )] public var _videoPreviewBg:Class;

I got this error:

Error #1014: mx.core::BitmapAsset could not be found

What’s weirder is that I copied the code from another project into a new one, and confirmed that all the files where in the correct place, and my file-paths where also correct.

After some digging on the net I found that because it was a pure ActionScript 3 project, sometimes Flash Builder doesn’t include some necessary Flex SDK libraries that are needed to embed images in this way. 

The Solution is simple, just copy core.swc into your project specific /libs/ directory, or add it using Flash Builder in the screenshot below.

Flash builder settings